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The heat exchanger is one of the basic building blocks for any refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. The fin and Tube type heat exchanger is one of the most widely used type of heat exchanger. The different configurations and modifications enable the use of the heat exchangers for a wide range of applications.

All our products undergo the same strict quality checks and are 100% leak tested.

Condensers for Air Driers:

  • Manufactured in large scale
  • Customized to suite various capacities and size requirement

Condensers for deep freezers:

  • Condensers for deep freezers in standard sizes
  • Provided along with cowls

Heat Exchangers with fan covers:

  • Option to include fan covers with heat exchangers
  • Ready for “plug and play” by merely screwing on components

Cooling coils for display cabinets:

  • Standard size coils with adequate fin spacing
  • Easy cleaning and prevents dust/ice accumulation

Condensers for Chillers and cooling plants:

  • Large size condensers for high capacity applications
  • High standard material used to ensure long defect free life cycle

Curved condensers:

  • Condensers with curved shapes to fit in smaller spaces
  • High fin density and grooved pipes to ensure high efficiency

Cooling coils for cold rooms:

  • Coils with high spacing between fins to prevent ice formation
  • Fan covers provided with drain holes and heater provisions

Corrosion resistant heat exchangers:

  • Special anti-corrosion painting provided as optional
  • For special application in highly corrosive environments

Cooling coil for tanks:

  • Fin-less cooling coils for submersion in oil/water tanks
  • Made using thick copper tubes and Poly Propylene sheets to counter effects of water/oil

7mm OD heat exchangers

  • Compact design offers high efficiency at low cost
  • Can handle high pressure refrigerant gases