Machinery and Equipment

In our pursuit to achieve the best quality and reliable output, we have continuously adopted new technology. We frequently invest in new machinery, most of which are imported.

CNC Turret Punch:

  • High accuracy and high output of end plates of various material and thicknesses
  • High quality fit and finish of heat exchangers and fan covers

NC Press Brake:

  • For accurate and consistent bending of end plates and fan covers
  • Numeric control prevents human errors

Fin Press line:

  • For best quality aluminium fins with high and consistent output
  • Fin density varying from 5 fins per inch to 17 fins per inch for various applications

Automatic Tube straightening and cutting:

  • High speed and high accuracy pipe straightening and cutting
  • Minimum wastage and manpower cost

Semi-Automatic hair pin bender:

  • Consistent quality, high output pipe bending
  • Uniform bending with minimal stress on pipe

Horizontal and Vertical Bullet Expander:

  • To ensure 100% uniform pipe expansion and avoid issues related to traditional expansion methods
  • 2 types of bullet expanders to expand any type/size of heat exchanger.

Power back up:

  • Gen-set set up to ensure minimum interruption to work